#1 Why am I not ranking for certain keywords / ranking on page 1 of Google yet?

Ranking on Google is a process that usually takes at least a month or two. While there are some instances of quick ranking jumps, these are rare and typically result from authoritative sites making obvious SEO mistakes that once fixed, result in a quick jump.

In a more typical case however, improving in rankings requires proper onsite and Google My Business optimization, credible citations, real reviews, and respected content.


#2 Why don’t we give any ranking guarantees?

There is no such thing as certainty or guarantees in SEO. This may run contrary to all the ‘GUARANTEED RANKINGS’ you might have seen other SEOs or digital marketers use to advertise their services, but this is the truth. If there was such a thing as guaranteed ranking, and when we say this, we refer to long-term ranking here, then Google would go out of business fast.

That said, there are certain best-practices in SEO that Google either explicitly or implicitly approves of. While again we emphasize that there is no such thing as 100% guarantees, following these practices have been shown through empirical testing to have a very high probability of improving your business’ Google rankings.


#3 How can other agencies give 100% ranking guarantees?

Simple, by playing a short-term game. Using blackhat SEO techniques such as private blog networks, GSA services, and spammy link buildings can result in quick improvements in Google rankings… but only for the short-term. Google ALWAYS catches on and once they do, your website has a high chance of getting a dreaded Google penalty that you may never recover from.

Think about it: if SEOs were able to ‘game the system’ so easily, Google would quickly lose credibility as the top search engine. And given that Google has maintained unquestioned dominance in the search space and is arguably one of the most powerful and richest companies in the world, what are the chances that some small-time SEO will be able to fool their powerful proprietary (and constantly updated) algorithms for long?


#4 What is the difference between local SEO and global SEO?

Let’s say you do a Google search for the term ‘best water heater 2018’. As you can see, there mention of any geographical terms anywhere. Ranking for that keyword is a job for global SEO, and as you can imagine, it’s pretty competitive. Businesses trying to rank for these global SEO keywords are typically trying to attract traffic from large countries (e.g. the entire United States) or from the whole world.

On the other hand, search terms like ‘best mamak store petaling jaya’ or ‘best yoga studio kuala lumpur’ would be an example of local SEO. These are less competitive but make up almost half of all Google search terms. These search terms are what local businesses target and that’s exactly the niche we specialize in. While there are many similarities in ranking for global terms and local terms, there are also differences such as the importance of Google My Business, reviews, citations, and NAP consistency.

#5 What local SEO techniques do we use?

We always begin with a detailed site audit and analysis which will then influence the specific local SEO strategy that we will recommend. However, in general our local SEO strategy for our clients covers the following:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Citation building
  • Ensuring no offpage SEO errors such as spammy backlinks and NAP inconsistencies
  • Helping create a review generation process
  • Content optimization
  • Analytics tracking
  • Competition analysis


#6 What services DON’T we offer?

We do not believe in overpromising to our clients (again, this is why we don’t give guarantees). As mentioned, we are a niche agency focusing only on local SEO in Malaysia and we believe in honesty and transparency. So, to make things absolutely clear here are a services we DON’T offer:

  • Google Ads / PPC Marketing
  • Social media marketing / advertising (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Web design (we can tweak your website to optimize it but we will not do a complete redesign)

That being said, we are connected with other trusted businesses who can handle the above. If requested, we can connect you with them.


#7 Why is SEO so expensive?

There is a cliché that goes you get what you pay for, but let’s go a little deeper when answering this question. SEO is expertise, and expertise doesn’t come cheaply. To talk about a somewhat related industry, consider web content writing. There are thousands of services offering article writing at rock bottom rates (typically a couple USD per article) but you get garbage. The writers who know their worth charge high, but the quality is unquestionable and they can easily maintain a loyal client base.

The same goes for SEO. Another way of looking at is in terms of potential return on investment. How much would it be worth to your business to get 10 new customers? 50? What about 100? Those are entirely plausible numbers with a solid SEO strategy. Then compare that to how much you are spending on SEO. Chances are, you will see that is a more than worthwhile payoff.

Now, we are not saying that SEO is for every business. If we feel we cannot help your business, we will tell you so plainly and clearly. But chances are, we will be able to help you. And thank you for putting your trust in us.