Client Success Stories


A newly set-up martial arts gym located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Campaign Objectives:

  • Improve Google organic ranking
  • Increase organic traffic volume
  • Rank on Google ‘3-Pack’
  • Improve engagement with Google My Business Page

Campaign Results:

After less than 2 months, our client achieved the following improvements in Google organic ranking.

local SEO results

Not only was our client propelled to Top 5 spots within the first page of Google, we also managed to get the coveted Google 3-Pack ranking for 3 of their targeted keywords. This organic ranking improvement resulted in an almost 80% increase in organic web traffic.

organic traffic improvement

And while the improvement in the organic traffic directly to our client’s website was more than satisfactory, many web users went directly to our client’s (now optimized) Google My Business Page, which now has seen almost 5,000 searches over the 3 month period since we started our work with them.

About 3,500 of these searches were ‘Discovery’ searches, meaning that web users found our client’s Google My Business page through our client’s targeted keywords. As you can see, Google My Business proved to be an even better avenue for gaining attention to our client’s services than even their website.

In the ‘real world’, this campaign has resulted in a steady stream of new students into their gym, which is essential for a new and growing business.

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